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Perfectionist Thoughts But Imperfectionist Actions

Nobody's perfect. That is an anthem that has resounded our very generation after Hannah Montana announced it to the world (yes I used to watch Hannah Montana and go ahead judge me). And from the moment I heard it, my... Continue Reading →


Call Me Holmes, Hercule Holmes

There is just something about mystery that gets me going. It could be a small thing as "Oh why is she crying?" or a big thing as, " There was a murder yesterday, and the prime suspect and the situation... Continue Reading →

So I Lost A Bag Of Clothes…

I know I am a privileged person, I have gotten what I wanted. But, somehow unfortunate things happen to me, not like "Oh her parents moved to another continent, she must be so lonely," unfortunate , which by the way... Continue Reading →

Pour Me Some Feelings, Please?

What is so special about us humans? Well we have the ability to "Empathize" (cue the jazz hands). When you see someone crying, you feel tiny wells of tears forming in your eye. You cannot even deny it, this happens... Continue Reading →

My Oasis to Scream and More

I like to think of myself as a writer even though I have no self-discipline to place myself in front of a computer and write regularly. But occasionally, I do write stories, and these stories are usually inspired by the... Continue Reading →

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