Picture two boats

The ocean of life, who knows where it will lead you. But I want to get a lot out of this experience. I want discover the secrets of the universe and the capabilities of the human mind. I want to learn empathy. I want to fill my bucket with the water of this vast ocean with the hopes that I might connect to people who are on the same journey as me. And most of all, I want to touch people’s hearts. I know. It is a big goal. But I do not want to regret not trying.

I like to think of myself as a writer even though I have no self-discipline to place myself in front of a computer and write regularly. But occasionally, I do write stories, and these stories are usually inspired by the people I find interesting. Recently, I have fallen in love with the idea of story telling–in songs, stories, conversations. In everything we do.

I realized I want to move people, make them feel something. That is my goal. And I will pursue various mediums to do so. So this blog is like my platform.

I want to compose music, write stories, poems, blurbs, thoughts, and I also want to take pictures of people, buildings, landmarks. So, I hope to build myself into master of all trades. People tell me, and I also tell myself this (only sometimes): “If you want to have your hand at everything, what will you be good at?” But I can’t help it. This is me. I want to try everything–I want to tell moving and memorable tales no matter what medium, whether it is writing, music, acting, or photography..I want to try it all. So please support me Void..because I will be screaming a heck of a lot stories at you…in all sort of mediums. And not all will be good. But being in science has convinced me to try with everything I’ve got and improve with each of my mistake. This is what life is, a road with bunch of crossroads and your decisions to take whatever path you want. And even when it does not seem like it, it is never too late to go back and try a different path.

With this blog, I feel like there is someone who will always be there to listen. A wall with actual ears. It is frightening and also comforting. I will not feel alone when I make my decisions in my crossroads.

I also think this blog will give me a motivation to write, a skill I want to get better at. And as the wise master Shifu from KungFu Panda said, “If you only do what you know, you will never be better than who you are.” Therefore, I am venturing into this unknown area of story telling through various mediums. It’s an adventure that I want to partake in.
Although, being a doctor is my professional goal, my personal goal is to be a story teller who can convey feelings and emotions. An artist who can create art in any medium.

Hopefully, I will write, compose, take pictures and post it in here..so I can see myself develop.

And a deep part inside of me hopes that someone who is feeling lost, lonely or just bored comes across my blog and feels connected to me. So that eventually she or he will reach out to me and we can be friends. In this lonely world, if I have people that I can share my feelings with, make them laugh, make them cry, and most important of all, build a connection, I will feel a little satisfied. And let me tell you…I am never satisfied.

On a side note, it feels like I am on a boat, traversing and trying to find someplace new, whether it is inside myself or on the outside. My metaphor for life is the picture at the beginning of this page.

I am excited to start this thing…I want to learn more about myself, and about the surrounding I live in. And I also want to test the creative limit of my brain. So, I do not expect anyone to read this but myself, my future self. When I look back at this, I want to see the changes in myself. Especially since people always tell me I have not changed a bit. I have always been told to be best friends with myself and to love myself, however I feel that there is more to me than myself. I want to feel the interconnectedness we have as a part of the human civilization.
So this is a step I am taking to befriend myself, building myself as a story teller, and contributing to the story of the human condition.

So, let’s go…let’s create some shit.