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A Cup of Hot Chocolate: The Saga of Living, Dying, and Death.

I have been away for a long time and I am finally back. I hope to write to you often Void, and hopefully I can keep that promise. Okay, so now let's get to the part where I talk about... Continue Reading →


Where Do I Stand? Dunno

Lately I have been thinking, maybe its because of amazing people around me or maybe its because I don't have anything special in me, but I wanted to know where I stood in the world. Probably, near the bottom. I... Continue Reading →

Sincerely Not Yours, An Okay Writer

I guess, fine, I am not good in writing. I admit that I suck. Awesome. But, I feel like if I give you my college essay to look over, which I wrote with lots of blood, sweat, tears, and a... Continue Reading →

Perfectionist Thoughts But Imperfectionist Actions

Nobody's perfect. That is an anthem that has resounded our very generation after Hannah Montana announced it to the world (yes I used to watch Hannah Montana and go ahead judge me). And from the moment I heard it, my... Continue Reading →

Call Me Holmes, Hercule Holmes

There is just something about mystery that gets me going. It could be a small thing as "Oh why is she crying?" or a big thing as, " There was a murder yesterday, and the prime suspect and the situation... Continue Reading →

Pour Me Some Feelings, Please?

What is so special about us humans? Well we have the ability to "Empathize" (cue the jazz hands). When you see someone crying, you feel tiny wells of tears forming in your eye. You cannot even deny it, this happens... Continue Reading →

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