I am a person who wants to be a master of many skills, you may not have heard of me.

I am an ordinary human that is going through the obstacles of life while trying to admire the scenery and to build some skills along the way.
However, my fatal flaw is that I am lazy and I think a flower can bloom overnight.
I try my hand at something, and I easily get discouraged because it was not how I wanted. I am like the most of the human population. I start stuff but I lack the courage to finish and follow through.
So, I hope that this blog will play a mind game on me and encourage me to finish my creation and create more stories.
I have said this to my self before, but I want to tell this to my blog persona”A.D., give life to the world in your head.” Hopefully, I can.

I like languages and I am fluent in two, and intermediate in one. I am learning two, however I’m an absolute beginner in those. I want to use this platform to create using the language I am learning and explore their culture and gifts. I am excited. I also want to use my native tongue for my lyrical composition. I have never done it before, so let’s see how this goes.

I want to learn more languages so I can read and understand the people of the world. Since my aim is somewhat pretentious, to have a global mind and not be categorized in a nationality, I think learning languages and cultures is my first step.

I am a person you will meet on the street but would not notice because we are too busy with our lives. Like the rest of the world.

I hope that I can use many mediums to touch the people’s minds and hearts regardless of their nationality. And I also hope to appreciate the mind of humans, their artistic expressions and creations. I am glad we live in a time where geographical distance is not an issue. Now we just need to get over the imaginary line that we have drawn around us.

Disregard me or read the words I write, either way, I welcome you.