“Time, it’s arbitrary.”

“…Of course. That is something you would say, especially on my birthday.”

           “Of course..what is age anyway. I guess an indirect measure of experience, but there are so many old as well as young people that do not have as much experience as you or me. They are so narrow minded. So resistant to change. And, also what is the point of experience anyway.”

“Here we go again.”

           “Like come on. With experience should come open mindedness right? We should know that our opinions are subjective right? We are limited if we make them concrete…and reality becomes an illusion that is different according to the individual.”

“It is already different. Remember that phrase ‘Alternative Facts.’ That made me question a lot of things.”

         “I mean more different. We perceive the world differently according to our values. It’s socialization..well according to what I have read, watched and listened. But when the actual physical reality is different, perception differs even more vastly.”

“I guess so. But globalization man. The world is getting smaller. People are getting closer.”

          “The nationalist line we define ourselves with is also getting darker and bolder. We are at a cross road. The mass population’s culture has not shifted with this massive technological change….there are fewer people like me and you. The people that do not identify with a country that much. We are officially becoming misfit. Do you know what I felt today during my walk?”

“What? Let me guess, the world is not as you thought it was.”

          “Yes. It feels smaller and congested, and not in a good way. I cannot imagine myself living here or there. I feel like there is no freeing place–somewhere I can do everything I want, you know? Be a doctor. And also an artist. And also explore the human brain’s capabilities…I sorta feel trapped.”

“Wow, this happened to you on a walk.”

          “Yes. A walk is a revealing moment. Things happen, people walk by, and realizations hit. Nothing new.”

“…again. Wow.  This may seem random but… we have cake here.”

           “I am jealous. I have been craving sweets lately. And every time I eat something sweet or calorie full …I go to the bathroom. Today I had three cookies..and after that I went to the bathroom three times. I don’t know what’s happening.”

“But that’s good. It’s not staying in your body. You had cookies? I am even more jealous.”

         “Hah. Jealous? Cake is better man. Anyway, have fun with cake and the parents. Got to go.”

This is for all the deep conversation we never had.