Why is my first post regarding the great potential of humans about a song by BTS? Well just watch the video and listen. Here it is:

Now let me tell you why I am absolutely amazed by this piece of art. I am not someone who usually looks up composers for music unless it absolutely touches me, and this song got to me.

Disclaimer: Everything I am about to write is my honest opinion and my speculation regarding the art piece. I do not know why they wrote it and how they were inspired to write it, but I am about to write why I like it so much and why it shows such amazing creativity. In the end, it’s all subjective. 


First of all. The melody.

The slow music at the beginning with very little instrumental music really got the power of Rap Monster’s voice and his emotions out, and it also set the tone for the whole song. The development of the chorus melody had an indignant and almost helpless feeling to it, which fit perfectly with the rap parts.

The overall feeling and the tone that the music gave me (when I was still ignorant to the meaning of the words they were singing) was hauntingly nostalgic with a fervor to have their spring days again.

The singers (individually but yet together) were reminiscing about their past and I felt this bittersweet feeling regarding their past together. From the music, I could tell they enjoyed what they had together, and during the progression of the song, they were at a place where they can only remember what they used to have.

They wished to see each other again and enjoy life with a louder encore than before.

The melody is so well written…Rap Monster and Bang Si-Hyuk I am so very impressed. This musical composition is so bitter sweet and moving. I admire your brains. For me, (before I knew of the subtitle button), it transcended language. It gave me an urge to create something so touching that it did not matter what language one spoke, they would still be impacted by it. They would still feel the intended emotions.

Although I am learning, I cannot understand a sliver of Korean. So I had no idea what they were saying until I watched the video again. But this time I discovered the subtitle button.

The second time, the words that really set the tone for the music video, well at least for me, were “Time is cruel, I hate us .” (Curtesy of the subtitles from the youtube video)

This simple sentence says so many things.

One. Why were the times they were together so short? Why couldn’t they stay like that forever? It’s like they (a VERY popular musicians with a LOT of admiring fans…I found this out later) are questioning the permanency of their own fame, of their own group. It is like they are admitting that they won’t be together in the spotlight in the future. And, that the spotlight will eventually fade away. I think it is very powerful, especially coming from a group of people that have rocked the hearts of people all over the world with their art. The message hits home especially since successful people are questioning the future of their camaraderie and their success.

I felt that those words really showcase the transiency of our lives: the moments we live with our family and friends, even the moment when we finally reach our dreams. All those amazing moments will eventually be the past and we will just be shadows of what we have lived. Reminiscing and feeling a strong sense of longing for it.

It is like we were cruelly introduced to the best thing we could possibly ever have and before we knew it, it got snatched away from us.

Two. Those words show their intense emotion for beings so attached to one another. They are questioning why they became so close especially since they knew that there is a high probability of not being together in the future. They were among brothers. Everyone had lowered their guards. And now those people that they had gotten very close to are not with them. Man that hurts (Not that I know, but listening and reading the subtitles to this song..it hurts).

It shows helplessness. Sadness. Anger. Vulnerability.
All the emotions you will feel when being separated from someone special finally hits you.
And the metaphor of falling snowflakes–a perfect imagery of transiency, of time passing by–just builds and develops this story. One moment you are staring at the beautiful snowflakes and the next moment they fall to the floor and combine to form snow.

That moment of awe will not comeback.
The snowflake floating together with other snowflakes–that moment is lost forever. No matter how much you want to relive it.

Also, you wish that the next time you see the falling snow, you will feel the same awe. However, it won’t happen. When a person is first introduced to something wonderful, their reaction is a lot more raw and pure than when they are introduced to it the second time. It does not feel the same. A person goes through various experiences, whether they would like to or not, and the innocent snow fall is not as beautiful as it used to be.

Similarly, in the song, they ask each other not to change. However, the tone of the song makes it feel like they know that it is wishful thinking. You cannot ask someone not to change, it is out of our control.

And the metaphor for spring. So well done. So hopeful, it makes my heart sting even more. Kim Nam Joon and Bang Si Hyuk, it’s amazing. Absolutely brilliant.

When they were together, they experienced this amazing spring. They had a good time because they were together and they were sharing their success with each other. And after the spring had passed and winter had come, they want to go back. They wish for the next spring that will eventually come to be the same as before. So good. My heart was skipping multiple beats.

As for the music video: My god. Beautiful.
The director of the video, Choi Yong Seok, did a phenomenal job. I do not know who the story board members for this music video are, but I applaud you too!
The cinematography was amazing: full of bright colors and contrast. It was very well done. It accentuated the meaning of the lyrics and actually made the melody really powerful.

Ah the train. I love the train.

And Jeon Jung Kook staring blankly out of the train window…it made the idea of time passing by or just revisiting their memory very poignant. I loved the clips of their fun moments together. It emphasized their relationship and vulnerability regarding each other. It made me envious of their relationship…I want a friendship as strong and intimate as theirs (..maybe one day).

The individual member scenes were hauntingly lonely. And when Jeon Jung Kook came back to “reality” (in my timeline anyway…I usually cannot keep up with changing timelines), I was rooting for them to make most of their time together.

Again, it was brilliant. The story was very well told.

All in all, it was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I want to say so many things, but I cannot relay my thoughts properly. I love this piece. It makes me want to create something beautiful and moving as well. I learnt a lot about story telling from this so I am very grateful.

So a little bit of background. I had listened to BTS before this, but I didn’t listen to them..you know? I have been exposed to the Korean pop scene since I was a child. (From where I come from, there are lot of television networks from other countries). To me it was just music and I would listen it with other music of mine, a playlist full of music from all over the world.

Anyway, because of my want to read a book that is originally in Korean, I wanted to learn the language. And the best way to do that is to memorize vocabulary and listen to songs, watch TV shows or news from that area and try to piece the words together.

Anyway, My sibling recommended me to listen to BTS. Her exact words were “You will like the words and the melody. They are very good.”

And for a month, I hadn’t given it a try. However, one day I saw their video on youtube and I thought to myself  “Why not?”

So I watched their video for 봄날 (Spring Day). And my heart ached.

I was so sad and so amazed at the quality of everything. Again, I truly felt that it was a piece that transcended language.

Every time I listen or watch the video, a part of me stings a little. It is as if characters that had grown together, developed together had to go separate ways..even though they wished to stay together. The video, the music, the lyrics–they all fit so well together. I have a fear that when you mix lot of good things it will not be as powerful. But, this video builds on the lyrics, the melody. It is very good.

I am so glad I got to listen to it and watch the video…and I hope I can create something that makes someone else feel similar emotions.

It is truly a piece that shows the amazing potential of a human mind to create. It also shows that people can create an amazing piece of art by working together.

Bravo to the builders of this piece! Thank you! I am happy that I got to experience it.

Till next time. My thoughts are with you.