A boy of around ten years old was watching the beautiful scenery in front of him. He was visiting the capital of United States, and it was spring so he was lucky enough to be able to see the magnificent soft beauty of the cherry blossom trees. His parents had gone to visit the museums, but he had told them that he wanted to stay with the trees for a bit, so after giving the “Do not talk to strangers and do not follow them” talk, they had left him. He was standing in front of the trees, trying to take in as much of their beauty as he could.

Something about these trees made him feel happy, maybe it was because it vaguely reminded him of the cotton candies he always gets when he goes to fairs with his sister. He wanted to take a mental picture of this amazing sight so he could preserve what he was feeling forever. A slight smile started forming on his lips.

“Young man, it seems you really like these flowers,” a old croaky voice interrupted his thoughts. He turned around to find a smiling old man. The little boy felt warmth coming off from the old man, so he couldn’t help but grin back at him.

“Yes, they are very pretty, more than pretty, they feel sweet and, for some reason, looking at them just makes me really happy,” he replied, disobeying his parents, but he couldn’t help it. There was something about the old man.

The old man’s face crinkled in amusement, he chuckled, “It seems you can feel their intent, not many people can.”

The boy was confused, “Their? Who are you talking about?”

“Oh you don’t know about them? Well not for long, I bet they would want you to know about their existence, since you like them quite a bit, “the old man said, “Let us sit down on the bench over their, what I am about to tell you might come of as a little crazy.”

The old man started walking towards the bench, and the boy couldn’t help but follow. For some reason, he was eager, he wanted to know whatever the old man was going to tell him.

After they had settled down on the bench, the old man looked at the boy and back the trees, “Are you sure you want to know boy? You might not see the world the same way afterwards.”

The boy felt a sense of urgency inside of him. He had to know, he had to find out what this mysterious old man knew. So, the boy vigorously nodded his head, “Do tell! Isn’t seeing the world differently being able to see different perspectives, I would rather like that Sir.”

“Hahaha, you are right my boy, very right. Don’t be so formal now, just call me grandpa,” he laughed. He found the boy interesting, maybe, this boy could guard the secret, or at least give it life.

“Let us begin, shall we? Hmm, where should I start,” the old man tapped his index finger on his chin, ” Ah, I know. Alright my boy, so….

“Just like there is past, present, and the future, there are different layers of time incomprehensible by our human minds in this Universe, and in those layers of time are pockets of different civilization that have evolved differently. I know this sounds crazy, but us humans have not learned much about Universe at all, so how are you to be sure that what I am saying is is not real? Anyway, in these pockets of civilization live the creatures that we now consider a figment of our imagination: fairies.”

“But si..grandpa-” the boy tried to interrupt.

The old man shook his head, “Listen to the end boy, I have not even got to the best part.”

Shutting his mouth, the boy nodded his head again.

“We do not have much time, your parents will be back any minute. Anyway, I will not go into the details of their civilization, but among the fairy population live the Cherry Blossom fairies.”

The boy’s eyes widened in wonder. Even though they might not be real, but what a magical concept.

“Those darling little things are born with a specific purpose. Right when the cherry blossom season starts, they fly here from where they live and come to these trees,” the old man smiled to himself, his eyes were sparkling with awe, “These trees give them energy to sustain their life force, so they attach themselves to the trees, becoming the magnificent pink flowers that we love and admire. And when Autumn hits, they fly back, and the cherry blossom trees become bare.”

“But grandpa, how do you know about this? Did you meet-”

The old man pointed towards the trees, “Look closely my boy.”

The boy squinted his eyes till he could see a single flower. Instead of a flower, he saw a little pink body with wispy pink hair, elegant arms and a warm smiling face. He immediately turned towards the old man, his head was swarming with so many questions, and he really wanted answers.

But, the old man was not sitting next to him anymore, instead he was walking towards the trees.

“GRANDPA,” the boy screamed.

The old man laughed, however, he did not stop and turn around. He kept on walking.

“If it is meant to be, we will meet again boy. The world is full of wonders, keep a look out, especially since you have good eyes and a sensible head.”

The old man’s back disappeared into the pink forest, and all the boy could do was stare.

“Do you know him?” he heard his mother’s voice behind him and felt her hand on his shoulders.

We will definitely meet again, and I will make you spill everything you know. And, don’t worry Grandpa, I will always keep my eyes open, as I do not want to miss these fantastic wonders. The boy smiled to himself.

The boy gave a one last look at the pink trees, and now that the old man had told him to look closely, he could see the fairies smiling at him.

He smiled back.

“Oh yeah,” he said turning around to face his parents, “That’s grandpa.”

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