I said we would meet one another when the snow melts,
Yet I see no sign of you, but only feel a sharp ache.

When I left you, I said to myself that it was the last time.
With tears streaming down my face,
I made a promise to myself, this wouldn’t happen again.
As, leaving you had caused my heart to slowly break.
It crashed and burned in my chest, with each and every step.

The sketch of your lovely eyes, nose and hair
Was the thread that had barely kept me together.
Even though I wait in this cold and icy weather
The memory of your smile, makes me warmer.
It makes me feel better.

They said waiting for you was a mistake,
This awful risk of heart break, I should not take.
I should just leave, and start anew,
Not wait every morning like a fresh dew.

Apparently, I was putting myself on the edge of a cliff.
But, I am actually, you know, waiting here for you to leap,
To Leap with me, into our new tomorrow,
Even though it could be full of sadness and sorrow.

But just like the snow melts, so will our frozen sadness,
Once our fingers are laced together,
Our hearts, our minds, will be one, you see.
We will no longer deny our love’s grandness.

I had said that we would meet one another when the snow melts,
You had not agreed, but I still wait.
During the day and even after the sun sets.

I will always wait, even if I loose my breath and end up inside a grave
Because I had said we would meet one another when the snow melts.

Copyright A Song By A Heart that Awaits The Spring 2016 ©