I know I am a privileged person, I have gotten what I wanted. But, somehow unfortunate things happen to me, not like “Oh her parents moved to another continent, she must be so lonely,” unfortunate , which by the way happened to me, but unfortunate things like “Oh no I lost my book bag, and my whole cupboard full of clothes I usually wear” happen more often than I would like.

It is kind of sad. Let me correct myself, it is really sad.

So yeah Void, I lost my clothes, my precious all-year-round hoodies and long sleeved shirts, my amazing pants. THEY ARE ALL GONE.

And the most unfortunate thing in all of this madness is that I only realized it after two weeks.

Before you judge me, I would like to argue that my dorm room was chaotic, everything was in bags. And also, the human nature so vastly occupying my very existence convinced me to put my clothing out of mind when it was out of sight.


You guys might chide me by saying, “How is it even possible, that much clothing cannot just disappear? How much of an idiot are you?”

Things that are perceived as improbable happen more often than you think, just look at Donald Trump. I am an idiot, but a very nonmaterialistic-except-laptops-and-books idiot. I cared for an hour.

Okay fine, three hours. But after I closed my eyes, and synchronized my breathing with my thoughts. And called my parents immediately, and profusely apologized to them by saying “I am sorry, I lost the property you bestowed upon me.  My clothing has vanished into thin air. Sorry for bringing more dishonor to the family. I humbly apologize for my idiocy.” And, after a few manly tears for those amazing hoodie (I kid, I did not cry, I didn’t).

I got over it. I am over it. This is the universe telling me to let go of my hoodie-ways and find a new fashion-style. And, the universe is also telling me to become nonmaterialistic ..about clothing.

Hear my voice oh universe, I have learnt my lesson, and now I am imparting what I have learnt to the void. So please…please please please…do not do this to me again. Make my mind remember, zap me with your cosmic energy before I do something stupid and give into the human nature part of me.

With this, I leave you, void. My thoughts are with you.